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Baton Rouge Business Law Attorneys

At Treadway Gaudin | Lawyers serving the Louisiana community with dedicated personal service is at our very heart and soul. We have been in business for your business, whether you are an entrepreneur, a small family business or a moderately sized enterprise, we can provide for you and your employees' legal needs.

After years of witnessing the traditional model of large law practices create needless red tape and charge extraordinary amounts of billable hours to struggling business owners and families, we knew there had to be a better way to help navigate the legal system in today's complex environment.

In 2014, we merged our individual law firms to form a boutique law practice dedicated to providing cost-effective and attentive customer service to navigate the myriad legal issues faced by many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families.

Each of our Member attorneys have over 17 to 30+ years of extensive business and litigation experience, and collectively Jennifer Treadway and Clark Gaudin, the Member Partner lawyers that make up Treadway Gaudin | Lawyers , have over 40 years of experience in both business and family law.

We offer comprehensive business advice and legal services, including: business law issues, business startup, venture capital investor options, mergers & acquisitions, construction law issues, employer-employee relations, insurance subrogation, compliance and administrative law, copyright, trademarks, and collections. We also handle complex and sensitive legal issues affecting the family, including divorce, child custody and succession planning.

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