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Subrogation & Collections

Heavy Hauling Trucking/Occupational and Medical Accident Claims and Property Damage Subrogations Nationwide.

We can handle your equipment damage recoveries under insurance policies or for TPAs or for self-insureds. We have currently successfully made recoveries through our local counsel arrangements in 20 of the 48 states and would be glad to discuss handling these matters on a contingency fee and/or an hourly fee basis.

Baton Rouge Collections Lawyers

In improving your bottom line, not only are you looking at increasing sales from existing customers, finding new customers and expanding your offerings but also you are looking at collecting on past due accounts. And that presents its own set of unique challenges.

Let us take collections activity off your "to do" list, so you can concentrate on your customers and your business. We are the Baton Rouge collections attorneys at Treadway Gaudin | Lawyers.

Protecting Your Creditor Rights
We have been helping Louisiana businesses both large and small with their debt recovery. At Treadway Gaudin | Lawyers, our experienced business collections attorneys have helped past business clients exert their creditor rights in many ways, including: 

  • Enforcing contractor's liens
  • Writing demand letters
  • Recovering on:
    • Breaches of contract
    • Promissory notes
  • Filing suit
  • Obtaining a judgment
  • Collecting on that judgment

We value our partnerships with our business clients. That is why we offer very flexible payment options. To find out more, call us.

Are Collections Keeping You From Your Business? Let Us Help
Certainly collecting past debts is important to the health of your business, but your time as a business owner is better spent in other areas, like growing that business. Let the business debt collection attorneys at Treadway Gaudin | Lawyers help you. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us online or call 225-366-7030.

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