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Baton Rouge Interdiction Attorneys

As people age, their mental and physical abilities decline and, in some cases, decline to such an extent they can no longer care for themselves or their property.

In other cases, adults cannot care for themselves or their property due to a mental disability.

In either case, an interdiction can be the way to help them.

What Is An Interdiction?

Under Louisiana law, interdiction — in other states it is known as conservatorship — is the legal process to ensure that an elderly or mentally disabled person who can no longer care for herself or himself is taken care of by a court-appointed person known as a curator.

If this sounds like someone you love, we invite you to learn more. We are the Baton Rouge interdiction lawyers at Treadway Gaudin | Lawyers.

Helping You Legally Assist Your Loved One

At Treadway Gaudin | Lawyers, we have helped numerous people in your situation legally secure a loved one's care, giving them peace of mind. Some of these ways include:

  • Filing for an interdiction
  • Helping gather the evidence for the interdiction hearing
  • Securing a full interdiction
  • Securing a limited interdiction
  • Modifying or revoking an interdiction

In cases where there is suspicion of a curator having undue influence on the person he or she is responsible for, we can assist you in helping your loved one in many ways, including litigation.

Ask us about our flexible payment arrangements.

Do You Know Of Someone Who Needs An Interdiction? Call Us.

As attorneys experienced in interdiction, we want to help you assist your loved one. For an initial consultation with Treadway Gaudin | Lawyers, contact us online or call 225-366-7030.

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